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Woluwe-St-Lambert, Schaerbeek and Evere

Three Expertissimmo offices
in Brussels

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We also have a strong presence in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Etterbeek, Auderghem, and in the rest of the Brussels region and beyond.

Our teams are at your service to sell, let or manage your properties, as well as to help you find property to buy or rent throughout the Brussels region.

Our expert use of highly effective modern-day technologies is a means to efficiently and successfully promote, sell and/or rent your property.

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Diverse and complementary

As a family-run agency with over 40 years of experience, Expertissimmo consists of expertly trained and IPI-certified estate agents.

Our team of property enthusiasts come from diverse professional backgrounds: real estate, of course, but also marketing, architecture, journalism, finance, etc.

This broad range of work experience and diversity adds value to the way we approach our business, and results in rich and robust real estate teams.

Each member is specialised in sales, lettings or property and tenancy management. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible service and unparalleled expertise.

Expertissimmo is much more than a real estate agency...

Sales team


Julien Vanobberghen

Director — IPI 504.334

julien@expertissimmo.eu — 0490/44 08 06


Maxime Vanobberghen

Director — IPI 508.324

maxime@expertissimmo.eu — 0479/ 66 59 47


Maurice Galeri

Founder — IPI 101953


Helena Galeri

Operational Manager


Sacha Verschueren

Communication Manager


Malik Meziati

Lettings Manager


Nathalie Van Cauter

Sales Representative

IPI 509.061


Maxence De Wolf

Sales Representative

IPI 511.848


Laurent Van Isterdael

Sales Representative

IPI 507.377


Gaëtan Lonchay

Sales Representative

IPI 515.712


Gibril Legrand

Sales Representative

IPI 513.737


Louis-Alexandre Schreiber

Sales Representative

IPI 514.164


Loïc Passanha

Sales Representative

IPI 515.630


Alexandra Polet

Sales Assistant


Laetitia Fink

Landlord Property Manager


Nathalie Dang

Landlord Property Manager and

Executive Assistant


Justine Tellier



Alban Hauquier

Sales Assistant


Stéphanie Ciobescu

Sales Assistant


Will you be next?

Do you want to join the Expertissimmo team?

We are on the lookout for energetic individuals who are passionate about real estate

Our core values

Our Woluwe-Schaerbeek/Evere team will give you a warm welcome and will be delighted to discuss your real estate projects.

Our real estate agents and experts uphold and apply essential core values in their everyday management of property portfolios and in their dealings with customers.

Ethics and code of conduct

We strictly observe professional ethics and a code of conduct: they come first and foremost in our everyday activities.

Customer satisfaction

Our primary goal is to cater to our customers’ needs and to make their future plans regarding property a reality. Our best success stories come from satisfied landlords who entrust us with their properties, and from buyers and renters who are happy with our services.


We ensure absolute transparency from start to finish on every project. We strive to provide a highly professional approach that will best suit the needs of our customers.

A close-knit and
cross-disciplinary team

We continuously foster team cohesiveness. Our IPI-trained and certified team members come from diverse backgrounds and bring invaluable assets to the table when dealing with real estate projects. Diversity is our strength!


Furthermore, we aim for efficiency. Our goal is to optimally handle the administrative, legal, technical and promotional aspects of your real estate project. We believe in being flexible and readily available in order to promptly meet your requirements under the best possible circumstances.

We guarantee your peace of mind!